We take an active role in marketing

Today’s agricultural marketplace is more competitive than at any other time in history. So it is important to control not only an operation’s yields, quality and costs, but to take an active role in marketing. This added responsibility offers better returns and better control over your ultimate destiny. Agrovice specializes in exactly that, offering a variety of independent processing and packaging services, as well as the direct marketing of AG products.


We are a reliable company

Successfully in business since 1984, the name Agrovice has become synonymous with excellent customer relationships, quality, reliability and timely delivery. A subsidiary in Switzerland represents the company throughout the lucrative European market. Our longevity in this area has resulted in numerous personal contacts which consistently help us achieve better prices for commodities where we have engaged.


Selecting the Right Property or Operation is the key! 

Selecting the Right Property or Operation is the Key! It’s as simple as that! There is no better place than to invest in Agriculture Real Estate or in operations processing its goods. Invest in Agrovice, Inc., the one company that offers all the agriculture operations services an absentee investor requires!


Managing Your AG Investment

At Agrovice, we know a profitable investment begins with competent management. By using today’s most advanced computer technology, Agrovice controls all aspects of our investors’ agriculture operations.


Operating Your Farm or AG Processor.

At Agrovice, we contract first and foremost with proven farmers; good farmers with the winning strategies that only come from years of experience, education and familiarity with the crops or operation they manage.